Wednesday, July 28, 2010

updates soon- i promise

I have been painting way more than i've been online! Someone manage my pages, please!! haha- i have loads of new work- and tons of new shows. Land of Nod was amazing- I was fortunate to paint with a plethora of AMAZING acts, and meet soo many amazing people. I love you all. I'd start mastering photos and uploading, but alas, i must fix/buy/find my gear in preparation for Lazersword tomorrow (with J Spliff,20ccs, Jaws That Bite & Nameless Face) and I will be driving directly from that show off to GLCC Music Festival in Lacota. I should probably find out where Lacota is. Ahh.. Time is limited, money is scarce, but life is so good.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pre-LandOfNod photos

the awesome staff at Land of Nod had me come out and do some artwork out on the grounds while things are still getting set up. and they even took some photos:!/album.php?id=100000631449134&aid=16392&s=20&hash=21a09a82e7fafc3816acf36db98c47b9

that link is long... i'm sure there's a better way to post that. ANYhow... looks like i'm live painting Of Montreal, with a decent chance of painting during Dr. Octagon as well! this is going to be a blast!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

george clinton

thom york

so i have a bunch of small canvases, some old magazines and a handful of paint markers. small originals are now for sale.