Sunday, May 30, 2010

if you want to currently see work of mine...

this will be my main blog... but that means i have to load all sorts of images up here...

for now either check out my old blog:

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Sunday, May 23, 2010


new page. expect lots of old work. lots of new work too.

my current projects:

live painting
i'm making a rather large deck of cards. the theme is playful nostalgic threat. the scene is backed by music performed by inkface, as well as i love dinosaurs, and a plethora of other amazing acts.
live in detroit[/b] goodbye burbs, i gotta go.
[b]make in detroit[/b] building one is in motion towards the soon Cafe/Coffeeshop/Gallery/Billiardroom/Venue/Studio/Boardgames/Generalgoodtime. building two moves towards the tri-store-fronted/ apparel/ glass/ pottery/ prints/ jewelry/ original art store, as well as classroom for various art workshops. This building will contain the majority of the art residents as well.

[b]make prints[/b]
[b]print paper[/b]
[b][/b]papaya pineapple pie
[b][/b]barbero/sandberg colaborations

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crafty Cactus

Art Director: Stephen Shudlich
Co-Author: Joe Hingelburg


Client: Inkface & The Digital Dream


Art Director: Matt LeBarre


Art Director: Matt LeBarre

Master Copy

Art Director: Eugene Clark


Art Director: Stephen Schudlich

Anatomical Studies

Art Director: Eugene Clark

Lecture Series

Art Director: Stephen Schudlich

Gradient Mesh Excercise

Art Director: Matt LeBarre

Clothing Tag

Art Director: Matt LeBarre

Fruit Snacks

Art Director: Matt LeBarre

Go Anywhere.

Art Director: Brian Kotulis

Night of Laughs

Client: Planet Ant Theatre


Client: Rusty Nail Lounge